Tinkerbell Checks

Tinkerbell is a magical and marvellous character from the story of Peter Pan.
This adorable little fairy has powerful magic which helps Peter Pan fly. In movie and theatre adaptations, her voice sounds like resounding bells, while her beauty can leave no one indifferent. Radiating with bright, sparkly light, this little firecracker was depicted as a warm and fast ray of light in various theatre interpretations around the world. Her importance to the story of Peter Pan is extremely big. Showing the world the volatile nature of fairies, Tinkerbell has managed to inspire writers all over the world to create numerous characters based on her. Showing us all the magical abilities of fairies to feel only one emotion at a time, the character of Tinkerbell teaches us a lot of valuable lessons about human nature and ourselves.

Tinkerbell Checks allow you to relive the memory of this amazing fairy every time you open your checkbook. Let her magic hover over you, and make your work day a happy one with every signature you make in your Tinkerbell Personal Checks.

Often referred to as a pixie, Tinkerbell has enchanted everyone from the Disney world instantly! This is the reason why she is featured at the beginning of every Disney film, flying over the Disney castle, creating a sparkly arch over it, as if blessing the production and adding her own little attitude to the entire film, representing "the magic of Disney".

Probably the detail which she is most famous for is the ability to make humans fly with her magic dust. In the animated movie interpretation, she discovered the secret of flying to Wendy and others, when she showed them that flying is possible if they believe in happy thoughts.

For a long time there was a debate that Tinkerbell might have been modelled after Marilyn Monroe. The petite yet curvy figure, full lips and blonde hair really do remind us of this amazing legendary actress. However, the creator of this beautiful little fairy was actress by the name of Margaret Kerry. No matter who she might remind you of, one thing is certain: Tinkerbell Checks will surely make your workday a pleasant one!