Pixar Checks

Little Nemo was a very curious fish.
Even though his father had warned him not to go out into the open sea, little Nemo just couldn't resist the temptation and one day, he ventured out into the unknown. Getting swept up in numberous potentially dangerous circumstances and sticky situations, with a helping hand from his new friends, Nemo is able to safely be reunited with his father.

Wouldn't you like to have a reminder of this curious and spunky little clown fish every time you open your checkbook? Disney Pixar Checks are vibrantly colored, unique personal checks that are sure to make a statement!

Who remembers the first time they saw the animated movie Toy Story? This cartoon masterpiece shows exactly what we all wanted to know as children - what our toys do when we're not around. Telling a bold and interesting story about little Andy, who gets a new toy for his birthday. This alluring new toy becomes Andy's favorite one, and the other toys develop a slight sens of jealousy. This interesting story of toy rivalry enveloped in a moving drama of the toys getting lost and having to cooperate is bound to make you wish you were a little child again. Since time travel is not an option, we're offering you the next best thing - every morning when you arrive to the office, treat yourself to a little trip down memory lane with these colorful and interesting Pixar Personal Checks.

Pirates of the Caribbean is a story that won us over with the first scene! Everyone loves the corky has-been pirate, cap'n Jack Sparrow. Fans around the world agree this was Johnny Depp's best role yet! This silly unorganised character gets into so much trouble. It is unbelieavable how much he makes us laugh with his every move, every phase, every significant look. Jack Sparrow has instantly become a legend, and with your very own Disney Pixar Checks in your briefcase, you will become one as well! Have a hearty laugh every time you sign your name on one of these incredible, one-of-a-kind Pixar Personal Checks.

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