Muppets Checks

The Muppets are a constant member of every family in the world.
We've all grown up with unforgettable characters such as Kermit the Frog, Miss Piggy, Elmo, Cookie Monster, Gonzo, Big Bird and many, many more. Their every day adventures in Sesame Street have made generations of children and adults laugh! Miss Piggy's vanity and sense of style are undoubtedly the biggest reason we stayed glued to our TV screens. Cookie Monster's voice and the full-blown obsession with cookies still makes us giggle! But the most popular Muppet has definitely got to be Kermit. There is even a shade of green dedicated to this wordly-known frog. Kermit-green has become one of the most-sold wall paint shades for youngsters!

Remind yourselves of the joy and fun that these characters radiated back in the day when you used to spend every morning eating cereal infront of the TV, learning how to read with Sesame Street programmes. Learning how to count with "The Count" will always remain one of our clearest memories from the golden, carefree days of our childhood. Even today, The Count manages to be the inspiration for most stand-up comedians .

This highly educational programme has raised children around the world in the most delightful way: colorful and bold characters depicted a slightly realistic version of the real world, introducing children step by step to life's ways and situations one might encounter. Teaching kids the values of friendship, honesty and kindness, the Muppet Show and Sesame Street have become the most popular childrens shows in the world! They have been translated into numerous languages, for the convenience of viewers from all countries.

With Muppets Checks, you can relive those happy childhood memories and giggle along with Kermit at Miss Piggy's choice of style! Featured in lively, vibrant colors, Muppet Personal Checks are a unique way to share your passion with everyone! Every time you sign your name and send one of these one-of-a-kind checks, you will surely make yourself, and others laugh. The Muppets have always been, and always will be the funniest show around, regardless of the audience's age.