Mickey Mouse Checks

Walt Disney was a creative genius behind the unforgettable classics such as Mikey Mouse, Dumbo, Donald Duck, and the rest of the gang.
The characters that he created have defined an entire era. Showing viewers of all ages and walks of life how to have a happier life and how to deal with certain situations using happy and friendly cartoon characters, Walt Disney has revolutionized cartoons and set a standard for cartoon-makers from all over the world!

Everyone remembers their golden childhood days. Why not carry a constant reminder of that amazing time in your briefcase every day? Mickey Mouse checks feature Walt Disney's most famous little creation - Mickey Mouse and his friends! With Mickey Mouse checks, your office will instantly seem like a much brighter and happier place! Celebrate your successes and forget about your business losses in the office with the smiling faces of Mickey, Donald, Minnie, Goofy, Pluto & co. Radiating with such amazing positivity, these colorful unique personal checks will surprise everyone! Send them a little reminder of the days when they were carefree children. Send these checks as a joyful Christmas present, or bring out a smile or two for New Years! Give Mickey Mouse Checks to your favorite nephews and nieces. What better image to have on your first set of personal checks, than the radiant Mickey Mouse?

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