Disney Stock Certificate

When it comes to children's entertainment, Disney is truly in a league of its own. In fact, the name itself is often synonymous with anything that's extravagant and entertaining in the American culture. People use it all the time to describe any activity that is extraordinary.

Today, the brand has its headquarters in Burbank, California, but it has spanned worldwide into the largest media conglomerate in terms of generating revenue. Brothers Walt and Roy themselves may not have even imagined how big their animated pictures would become when arriving in Hollywood back in the early 1920s. The first production was a cartoon titled Alice’s Wonderland. Since then, they’ve produced well over 1000 of these cartoons, films, and shorts that children and adults alike have thoroughly enjoyed.

Disney's early success also allowed them to expand on this vision beyond the wildest of imaginations. Their theme park, located in Lake Buena Vista, Florida, currently has over 30,000 acres of some of the most innovative ideas to ever manifest themselves. To put that in perspective, it’s bigger than Manhattan. It also makes them the most popular amusement park in the world.

This success has also expanded onto the stock market. The brand name is certainly considered a blue-chip investment, and again sets the standard in the entertainment market. It’s up well over 300% just within the last ten years alone. Therefore, they've also become one of the most trusted value stocks on the market to date.

People know they're going to get a nice return when they invest their money in the Disney Stock Certificate. Just like with the movies, kids and adults enjoy owning a piece of this great company. In fact, those looking to get their children savvy on the markets at an early age would do well to have them invest in things they already love. This is a great way to teach them early on in life how to invest and follow companies that are successful.

Investors can buy their certificates directly from the company or any number of brokers. Like any other investment, it's good to shop around to get the best prices. Brokers do have a tendency to fluctuate quite a bit between their fees.

In the end, Walt and Roy’s story is truly one of the greatest in a long line of American entrepreneurs. Whether it's catching one of their latest releases, enjoying the day at the amusement park, or even picking up a few stock certificates to invest in, they are a company that will forever break the mold and continue to set the bar high when it comes to fun.